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Jan 01 1970


All sectors of the market remain in the upturn stage of the property cycle in Q2 2019. Sale price performance of the residential sector indicates there has been renewed interest in West Cairo, possibly boosted by newly announced projects by reputable developers. However, rental rates appreciated further in the East. In turn, rents in the office market remained flat in Q2 2019, while vacancy rates registered declines over the same period on the back of an increase in stock. Retail rents however have increased in Q2 as the sector remains the best performing segment of the market in Cairo. Meanwhile, the hotel sector is witnessing a downturn as occupancy rates registered 72% in YT May 2019. The African Cup of Nations is expected to drive tourism in the country during and following the tournament between the months of June and July, while new projects in the pipeline are expected to boost the industry’s momentum over the next 6-12 months. For more info download pdf

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